Why Is Pokecord Offline?

Why is Disboard BOT offline?

UPDATE: Both privilaged intents need to be enabled to display bots on the website, otherwise they will appear offline and/or will show only the bots added after the API was started..

Will Pokecord come back?

Some days later, Pokécord was brought back once again, making one of the largest bots across Discord. … Until recently on May 30, 2020, a person called Miles sent a notice to everyone in the Pokecord official server, saying that the bot is completely shut down.

What is Pokeverse?

Pokeverse is a very fun bot. The activities and events are very fun to do, and are fun to participate in. The bot is very entertaining and fun.

Is Pokecord shutting down forever?

In a post that has been shared on Twitter, the Pokécord creator says he has decided to shut the platform down so that he can move onto other projects. He notes that the support@pokecord.com email will be active until July 1st, but that the platform has been removed effective immediately.

Is Mewbot better than Pokecord?

MewBot vs Pokecord Differences Mewbot is a bit less reliable and (until it shut down) was less popular than Pokecord. Mewbot somewhat often goes down for up to a few hours, and at one point lost save data for players. Mewbot spawns don’t work quite like Pokecord; you don’t need a command, just type the Pokemon’s name.

How old is discord app?

13It is 13+ due to the Discord TOS requiring all users to be 13+, just like almost any other account.

How do I get Pokecord to work?

First off, you’ll need to head to a Discord server that has the bot installed on it. You should see “Pokecord BOT” in the members list of the server. Once you are at a server, use the command “p! start” and you will be able to pick your starter Pokemon.

How do you get Disboard bots?

Setting up & Bumping All that is required to set up DISBOARD is to invite thebot to your server, edit your server’s page making sure to toggle the ‘Public’ option, authorize the bot, and then type ‘! d invite’ in the channel you would like the bot to invite people in.

What does Disboard bump do?

DISBOARD is a great place to put your server online. And it brings in members whenever you bump it. The way this works is that when you bump your server gets pushed to the front page of DISBOARD.

Does PokeCord have Shinies?

What are shinies? They are alternatively colored Pokemon, different from their standard color. They are highly sought after in-game, and are very rare and time consuming to catch. It will be likely that they are also extremely rare in Pokecord, so keep an eye out for these unique pokes.

What’s the best discord bot?

Top 10 Best Discord BotsMEE6. MEE6 is the best moderation bot for Discord. … Dank Memer. Dank Memer is the best Discord meme bot. … Helper.gg. Helper.gg provides a ticketing system for Discord. … Octave. Octave is one of the most popular music bots for Discord, and with good reason. … IdleRPG. … Arcane. … MedalBot. … Xenon.More items…•

Are bots illegal?

Bots aren’t illegal, but they do go against a lot of sites’ terms and conditions. … Supreme, Shopify, Nike, and adidas are very aware of bots, and regularly update their online protection against them. However, bots are usually quick to update their operating software, too, in order to bypass any new protective measures.

What happens when a discord bot is offline?

If your Discord bot is offline, that means you have not coded it and have not run it. Creating a bot in the Developer Portal does not immediately make a bot as good as Dyno or MEE6. Creating a good, usable discord bot takes hundreds or sometimes thousands of hours of coding and troubleshooting.

How can you tell if someone is invisible or offline discord?

On Discord you can tell a person’s online\offline status by looking at their status indicator which is a small dot next to the avatar.

What is the new Pokecord?

Pokecord is a fun and interactive bot that allows you to catch, trade, battle and more! Simple, clean commands and a supportive community. The best Pokémon experience you can get on Discord! Catch shiny and legendary!

How long do you have to wait to bump a discord server?

01 Your server is on a cooldown, this means that you will have to wait some time until you can bump again, if you vote for us you can bump every 10 minutes!

What is a bump in discord?

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