How Much Do Dispensary Budtenders Make?

Can Budtenders smoke on the job?

“Budtender” isn’t exactly the term that many of them prefer to use for themselves.

Other Cali dispensaries will only allow their employees to medicate with edibles or smokeless concentrates and some dispensary owners in California can and will allow their budtenders to smoke while at work budtending..

What should I wear to a dispensary interview?

Business casual means no shorts, jeans, or short dresses/skirts. However, ties are optional, and button-ups or blouses are acceptable. Professional attire is more formal, aligning with management or executive positions in cannabis.

Do you need a card to work at a dispensary?

Do I need to have a medical marijuana card to apply for medical marijuana jobs? No, you do not need to be a medical marijuana patient to work in the cannabis industry. In most states you have to be over 21 with a clean background, some states allow those over 18 and also allow certain felonies.

How do I get a job as a Budtender?

So, here’s everything you need to know on how to become a budtender.Product Knowledge. It’s the number one factor for how to get a job at a dispensary. … Predict Industry Trends. … Be Personable. … Prepare for Your Interview. … Step 5: Set Yourself Apart from the Competition.

Is a Budtender a good job?

Budtender jobs are valuable springboards for obtaining advanced professional success in the cannabis industry. The job allows for meeting industry professionals and looks great on a resume.

Do Budtenders pay taxes?

Another way many cannabis businesses pay their employees is by paying them as a 1099 employee, or a more common term you might know, “under-the-table.” Paying employees this way does not pull any state or federal taxes from their paycheck, which creates a whole other problem for these business owners.

Does Trulieve get you high?

Can medical cannabis be smoked? Does Trulieve home deliver? Yes, we will deliver your order to your door anywhere in Florida. … Low-THC cannabis has very low amounts of the psychoactive ingredient THC and does not usually produce the “high” commonly associated with cannabis.

What do I need to know to work at a dispensary?

7 Crucial Things All Budtenders Should KnowRequire them to stay compliant. … Are they diligent about checking IDs. … Do they exhibit superior customer service skills. … Make sure they understand all of your products. … They should be able to use a scale. … They have to be able to assist cannabis newbies. … Can they associate ailments with suggestions.

How do I become a good Budtender?

Today, we’ll cover the top 10 dispensary budtender best practices so you can train your staff to exceed customer expectations.Present Professionalism. … Keep Learning. … Understand Compliance. … Lifestyle Profiling. … Defy the Stigma. … Upselling Opportunities. … Prevent Product Loss. … Know Dosage Directions.More items…

Is it hard to get a job at dispensary?

The medical marijuana industry is booming, and that means some serious job creation. … There may be some serious competition, but it isn’t impossible to find a job at a dispensary. There are several roles you can fill, and like any position, you can work your way up the ladder over time.

What degree do you need to work at a dispensary?

The educational requirements for a budtender are varied by state and dispensary; however, individuals will need at least a high school diploma. Some job seekers may choose to pursue a budtender certification offered online through various educational institutions.